Are fake/counterfeit products hampering your brand-value and business ?

We have a solution.

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The problem of fake/counterfeit products has been there for a long time in market with inadequate ways of handling it, like Holograms, Barcode etc. According to a study, the fake products market is worth billions and has its impact in almost all domains and verticals like FMCG, electrical and electronics, fashion, automobiles etc.
Technology that we are using will make it possible for the manufacturers to ensure proper safety of their brand and also, end-customers are assured of buying genuine products.

Our Product

Brand Protection

Aimed to keep a strong check on fake and counterfeit products.
It is based on a technology which can be securely and easily integrated with the product during manufacturing
and the end-customers can check whether a finished product is genuine or not by using our mobile app
"LetsVeriFy" on a mobile phone.

Key Benefits:
1. Ensures product’s authenticity to end-customer resulting in increased brand value and its presence.
2. Keeps a check on counterfeit /fake products by acting as a strong deterrent.
3. Gives a sense of trust and satisfaction to end-customer while buying the product.
4. Prevents inclusion of counterfeits in the supply chain.
5. Increased sale of authentic products (as sales of counterfeit/fake products would diminish).

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